Sport fishing rules 
Note! Temporary changes regarding regulations for sport fishing may occur during the current season. It is therefore the angler's obligation to take part of these from notice boards, websites or via info from the fishing office.

Catch quota
C-Section: Maximum three fish per day (Salmon and sea trout)
Other species: Perch. Maximum 3 fish per day.
A + B-Section: Max 3 fish / day (sea trout)
Other species: Perch. Max 3 fish / day, Perch. Max 5 fish / day.

A+B-Sektion: Max 3 fiskar/dag(havsöring)
Övriga arter: Gös. Max 3 fiskar/dygn, Abborre. Max 5 fiskar/dygn.

Caught fish
Caught fish must be weighed and registered at the fishing office during the day of the catch or via text message to 072-2211698.

Baits / Ropes
Only artificial baits may be used (not worm, shrimp, etc.) also gulp, dough such as powerbait prohibited.
Stumbling line allowed except when fishing with a sinker.

Minimum size
Salmon 50 cm. Sea trout 45 cm. Harr 35 cm. Perch 45 cm, Pike over 70 cm returned, Perch over 38 cm returned (A + B section)

Fish below the minimum size and incorrectly hooked fish must be carefully re-released.

Fishing stretches
Spin fishing: Even dates spin fishing, part of the north side of the river. See signs! 15 / 6-15 / 8, all fishing is common.

Fly fishing: Uneven dates fly fishing, part of the north side. See signs. 15 / 6-15 / 8, all fishing is common. Other stretches, all fishing is common.

Only the lead-free sink may be used.

Fishing times
Fishing may be conducted around the clock except 1 / 9-31 / 12 in the c-section as fishing may only be conducted 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset

Rules Notholm fishing: Single
hook only 1 / 6-31 / 8
Rotating fishing on the spin section, one cast one step
Not allowed to continuously change from spin fishing to fly fishing and back.

Stumbling line prohibited when fishing with a sinker.
Fish carefully to avoid incorrect hooking