about us

We who manage and lease Ljusnefisket are Ljusne sport fishing club. The club was started in 1986. We handle the lower part of Ljusnan towards the sea, from Höljebro power plant to the freshwater border towards the sea (see map). A total distance of about 7 km. The business is run by a board of 10 members. We also have 1 employee who works all year round to develop and operate fishing in the best way in our area. Landowners and fishing water owners in the area are primarily Fortum, but Stora Enzo and Söderhamn municipalities are also landowners.

We work to develop sport fishing in our area, and then with emphasis on sea trout. Today, about 50-55,000 sea trout molts are released, but we are constantly working to increase this release. Work is constantly underway to develop fishing in the area. Our partners around this are Söderhamn municipality, Fortum, the County Administrative Board and others.

The goal in the end is that together we will create an attractive sport fishing, but also a feeling for the visitor to have gained additional added value when visiting our fishing, and that this will be a place you want to come back to.

If you have comments or suggestions about fishing, you can contact Thomas Thyr at the fishing office on tel 072-2211698

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